Off grid on the buttonhole

This is some “off grid” work on felt. Tried a detached buttonhole area (dense area on left), but this is no good example of that beautiful work. I need so much more practice! I had trouble decreasing and increasing that stitch. If anyone has tips on doing this please leave a comment. My major problem was keeping the work flat while decreasing the stitch. I think I might not have kept the tension tight enough.


If any one is interested in the details on the difference between the two blue flowers in the previous two post, you may wish to read the comment I left in “The buttonhole bit by bit” describing the two fill methods.

Below is an attempt at the berwick stitch from the buttonhole family. The blue stitched first and then one thread up and to the left the red stitched over it. Everything is pretty evident in the photo, I think.



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