TSTC Week 2

TSTC Week 2 and the buttonhole stitch.

This stitch has been near the bottom of my list from days of making and repairing buttonholes under my mother’s instruction to more recent years when I finished off some hardanger pieces with buttonholes. I had to overcome this when I was taking Sharon b’s PLS class at the end of last year. And would you believe it, yesterday, again I had to take myself in hand in order to take stock of all that Sharon was demonstrating in her post. My initial thought was, “I’ll take a vacation from TSTC this week”!

While I used buttonhole stitches in PLS and even wanted to go back and learn more of the variations Sharon was teaching, I have to conclude that somehow I still wasn’t willing to give this stitch a fair trial in my embroidery. I’m going to try to do that this week.

First, I’m going to pull my notes from PLS and find what I wanted to try and didn’t. I’m also thinking about pulling out my copy of Darlene O’Steen’s The Proper Stitch (1st edition). I think she has a section on the buttonhole family. And second, I’m going to practice this stitch all this week. Third, I’m going to find out things I like about it and remember those things.

Oh, for a well-kept mind that will by discipline put aside foolish prejudices both in large and little things!


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