Herringbone work day 2

Here are a few results of my exploration with the herringbone stitch. (Click on any photo for closer look.) The trial cloth is full. I’m going to add a few embellishments and then head for the design piece.

The red stitches are at about a sixty degree “crazy quilters” angle. It dawned on me while stitching away last night how differently a quilter might think about stitching an angled line than I did. This is my counted thread approximation of what I think they would do!

The second photo is a border with a mirror image and then the third is using the same to make a fill. I love to do the switch from line to fill. Plenty of room to fill in with another stitch or beads. I could add another color. There are lots of possibilities for both this border and fill.

The fourth photo shows various fills all with the same under lying blue grid as at the top of the first column. Over that I work all manner of variations. The dense blue is simply a second row of blue over the first grid to fill in the holes. I think it’s pretty easy to see what is going on in the other areas.

The fifth photo has my favorite experiment in the top right corner. I’m not sure how this shows up on the photo, but the texture is wonderful. I did the herringbone over 6 threads and dropped two threads to do each subsequent row and alternated colors each time. I wish I had time to try that in three shades of one color.

Just in case I was getting too carried away with counting threads, the last photo has an “off grid” area under some of my “counted thread” angles!



2 Responses to Herringbone work day 2

  1. ElizabethD says:

    These are beautiful — and your favorite is my favorite as well. The rich texture suggests itself in the photo, too. It’s fascinating to compare these stitches with your gorgeous herringbone sampler for the Personal Library of Stitches class. Both are unmistakably “yours” even though the styles look different at first. Thanks for your thoughtful commentary, too.

  2. Mary Corbet says:

    I really love the variety you’ve achieved in layering – reminds me of blackwork! Excellent! I have to say my favorite is also the fifth photo – the one with the blue and gold blocks.

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