Herringbone for TSTC’s First Week

Getting started the first stepsThiry degee various approachesForty five degrees various optionsUsing 180 with two colors

Sharon started off the year with a great stitch the Herringbone. Please take a look and see everything she did with it. Incredible! She got us well on our way to understanding and working with this stitch. If you haven’t joined in on the challenge I hope you will consider it. Or perhaps just take a few minutes to try one of the interesting things that Sharon showed us.

This stitch is so versatile! It can make a line that runs at 180 or 90 degrees. It is easy to use at about a 30 or 45 degree angle, too. It curves well. It’s very flexible; it scales well. That means the texture may be dense or lacy and the line it makes may easily move from thick to thin. It is easy to play with in two or three colors. It will couch a ribbon or a thick thread. It can be laced. There are lots of places to add beads or other stitches. It can be used as a fill or a decorative border. I haven’t tried any corner treatments yet. It seems like it should do well there.

Now I’m one of those crazy people who love to look not only at the front but at the back of my stitching. And when I turn over the cloth and look at the back, it is very nice and neat. I like that too. A very well defined little path. So if I used the herringbone on a table napkin or mat, I wouldn’t be ashamed of the back side showing. In fact, maybe it could be used as a two sided mat if the little stitches were used to lace or couch another thread.

I started off playing on a trial cloth, a 32 count even weave, with Perle cotton. On the first picture, the second step has what I consider the essence of the stitch. It is so simple. I’ve been trying to think about it. To me its like a running cross stitch in two parallel lines. The cross falls alternately in first one line and then the other. After the first cross I feel like I’m just making the second leg of a cross stitch all the time. Why? Because a protion of each previous leg is counted as the first of the next cross. Well, maybe I need to think about that some more this week and see if I arrive a better explanation while I have fun stitching.


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